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Happy Birthday, Mr. Flying Fingers! Edited! [
9.28.09 - 4.49pm

I meant to do this earlier today, even though tomorrow's Rob's big day (and also a Tuesday, go figure), to give everyone a chance in all time zones to jump in an participate.

For the next few days, I would like you to consider this post your "Getting Serious about Fluff" forum (or writing in general).

In honor of mrflyingfingers's birthday, the topic I would like to begin with is "Rugged Fluff" (or, "Manly Fluff" if you prefer).

What I've been thinking about specifically is how men go through the realization and declaration phases of a relationship.

Interestingly enough, in the stories I've been mulling over/working on lately, it is the men who go through the realization/declaration first, which I would think would not be the case in reality (Sirius is particularly girly about it, really). Although, in reality, I think that while I may have had the realization portion first, I did wait for the Admiral to declare, "I love you." before I would say it back. A protective measure really, that is common in romance novels that I've read as well.

But back to the question at hand -- how do men handle and react to romance?

Or, do you have another question that is burning in your brain -- paricularly about men and manly topics this is for Rob, after all.

How 'Bout Dem Dodgers!?!

ETA, there seems to be some difficulty getting the ball rolling. So...I took a chunk of this scene for one of my drabble projects in August, and I already know I want to change it for the actual story...but here is Sirius coaxing an "I love you" out of Irene with one of his own (and a lot of Black charm). This is from an A/U story I'm planning where instead of going off by himself, Regulus enlists the help of Sirius and the Marauders and the seek and destroy of Horcruxes and subsequent defeat of Voldemort basically happens a generation earlier.
The SceneCollapse )
I don't know how manly that is...but like I said, Sirius is a girl about all that (really, I just say that to get him riled up).

So...comments? Other examples? Like I said, I'm already planning to change a few things, so don't hold back.
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shameless pimping [
5.1.07 - 3.03pm

[ mood | cheerful ]

As it feels like I haven't posted on here or the fluff thread in ages . . .

Here's some semi-mindless R/Hr that's posted at the quill.

Broken Quill


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Valentine's Day -- chocolate -- conflict [
3.9.07 - 2.01pm

Thanks to the maintainer glued2desk415 for approving me! I'd link to the fluff thread but I have no posting rights. I'm aware that Valentine's Day is a memory but I'm still working on my 'valentine's day/ chocolate/ conflict' challenge.

The first part is here. I'm working on the second part. My first attempt as resolution was too simplistic; need to think harder.

What else can I tell you? It's MWPP, sixth year, Valentine's Day and under 2 800 words. Comment and concrit appreciated. Thank you. :-)

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Valentine's Day Fluff a bit - er - late. [
3.5.07 - 12.33am

For the 'Chocolate and conflict' prompt.

This is part of my developing Neville / Hannah ficverse. I may expand it into a longer story at a later date, depending on some book or other that's coming out in a few months. It can be read on its own but it'll be even better if you've read Anya's wonderful 'party fluff' here.

Title: As sweet ...
Summary: In rainy London, Hannah Abbott is lonely as she remembers a Valentine's day spent in warmer climes.
Pairing: Neville / Hannah Abbott
Rating: PG13
Word count: 2385
Warnings: Possibly slightly spoilerish for the latest chapter of Asking for Roses.

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R/Hr For the Chocolate and Conflict Challenge [
2.28.07 - 1.38pm

My Valentine’s Fluff is only two weeks late! But it’s a day early for Ron’s birthday! Chocolate and Conflict. Oh, my.

Title: Ron’s
Summary: Ron and Hermione celebrate Valentine’s Day at Grimmauld Place. Set during the Horcrux Hunt.
Pairing: R/Hr.
Rating: PG-13
word count: 2,700
Warnings: Unbeta’d. Erm - fluff alert.
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Conflict and Resolution with Bill and Fleur [
2.19.07 - 12.02pm

There's no chocolate, sorry. Cross posted at my own journal. Back in January, I asked some writing group friends to give me couples to write about for Valentine's Day. I only got to two of the five requests before the actual day (still working on the others!) -- this was based on moonette1's request for Bill/Fleur angst. I altered a couple phrases and corrected some typos (there are doubtless more), but this is basically it.

Some things you should know about my Fanverse.
Bill initially resisted Fleur’s attempts to ‘court’ him. It was a protective big-brother thing, he didn’t like how the twins said she initially treated Ron.
Fleur’s grandmother was captured by a man who hated veela – that man was technically her grandfather, but they never met.
Fleur’s father fought Voldemort the first time around and was blinded by a curse and sent back to France – Fleur’s mother was working as a volunteer at St. Odilia’s (French St. Mungo’s) and that’s how they met. (This information and more is covered by the links at the bottom of the post).


When it Alteration FindsCollapse )

For more of my Bill/Fleur see the following links:
Bill asks Fleur out the first time
Bill and Fleur’s first date
Bill and Fleur’s first kiss
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Valentine's fluff [
2.10.07 - 12.07am

I'm first again! I'm clearly completely incapable of working right up to a deadline. I just like crossing things off lists and this is easier than work!

Valentine’s Conflict/Chocolate Fluff.

This is an outtake from my WIP, The Squib. It’s a next-generation fic, featuring among others Bert and Ben Weasley, the identical twin sons of George and Padma, and Laura Potter, only daughter of Harry and Ginny.

Although Bert is magical, Ben is a Squib. Ben’s been going out with Zoe Harris, a Muggle-born witch, for a couple of months before this story takes place.

And I know the challenge was conflict, but I’m bad at writing conflict, so this turned out to be only about 10% conflict and 90% resolution.

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Holiday Party Post [
1.14.07 - 2.34pm

Well, it's NEARLY a holiday here, and well Martin Luther King day is a day worthy of celebration! In the spirit of couple observation, holiday party horror, and the burning need to recycle old plot threads while gleefuly paying homage to my favorite Neville!Pairing (Neville and Hannah by Dogstar) from the PoV of Snape n' Lourdes, I present my entirely too long holiday Fluff Snippet entitled "Research and Developments" (crossposted to Mementomori_fics)

I will, of course, be going back to sample everyone elses offerings (hooray! stockpiling fluff on a gray Sunday!)

Research and DevelopmentsCollapse )
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Christmas Fluff! [
1.8.07 - 9.40am


Oh, dear.

I've been so completely *absent* lately...but I have now read all of the holiday party fluff (and, of course, loved every last bit of it!) Try as I might I could not come up with my own party scene, but I do have a bit of Harry/Ginny Christmas fluff that I'm finally willing to share. (Note to self: start thinking about Valentine's Day fluff NOW -- not on February 14.)

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Party snippet [
1.3.07 - 8.20pm

A while back I suggested a party scene challenge for the fluff thread at the Quill. Then I avoided thinking about it until well after Christmas. Then a bunny bit me and didn't let go, so here it is.

Long rambling explanationCollapse )

To the fic - Join HandsCollapse )
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Theodore/Luna for the Party Fluff Challenge [
1.1.07 - 11.35am

I know I promised gabrielladusult a Richard/Gabriella snippet “by the end of the weekend,” but then I remembered that I was supposed to write a party scene for the fluff thread at The Sugar Quill showing two pairings – one pairing being one I had never written before. I chose Theodore/Luna and Mr. Lovegood and Cory Smyth (eudorahawkins OC) So here it is before the party season officially closes!

Title: Partners
Summary: Theodore and Luna attend The Quibbler’s Christmas party
Word Count: 2,500
Rating: PG

Oh, yes! Happy New Year everyone!

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Bill and Fleur Holiday Fluff [
12.31.06 - 1.26am

Hi Fluffers!

I just posted my holiday party snippet in my LJ. You can find it here if you're interested in a bit of Bill/Fleur holiday fluff/flangst:


Since "Skin Deep" (my initial choice of title) has already been taken, I think I may call this "I See All of You".

Now I'm going to go and read Julu's snippet! Happy Holidays!

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12.30.06 - 6.36pm

[ mood | relaxed ]

I posted a little New Year's party fluff that I wrote for the fluffy challenge as my first post in my LJ. I started it weeks and weeks ago, but the end of term and the Christmas frenzy got hold of me and I just couldn't get it ready to go until I had some time to relax. I'm trying to put more non-angsty Percy out into the world. It was fun to write old friends. 


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A bit of OC fluff [
11.29.06 - 8.45am

One of my readers requested some Dom fluff - Dom being an OC that is Oliver Wood's best friend in my story Air. I'm trying to track her down, and in the meantime, girlyswot kindly requested that I post the fluff here. I simply can't resist a man shaving, and my friend Eudora Hawkins can't resist Dom, so I wrote a shaving scene with "Dora" to surprise her. Here goes:


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Party Fluff [
11.18.06 - 8.07pm

[ mood | accomplished ]

I *know* I should have been writing "Student", but ... oh well, never mind. I was hoping to include an encounter with Lucius and Narcissa, but this bunny is already big enough for the moment. Perhaps I will add it later ...

PartyCollapse )

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Party fluff [
11.15.06 - 4.13am

So here's my response to the party challenge.  It's James/Lily who I love to write and Molly/Arthur who I've never written before (and after this feeble attempt probably never will again!!).  My comments/thoughts about the writing process are over at the fluff thread on the Quill.

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Happy Birthday St. Margarets! [
10.18.06 - 5.41pm

[ mood | happy ]

Hope you're enjoying your day, honey. Here's a tiny present from me, Seamus and Lavender.

Finally...Collapse )

ETA: Much thanks to coquillagement and moonette1 for breaking it down and hand holding. Thanks, gals.

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Baby Fluff [
9.20.06 - 10.09am

[ mood | happy ]

gabrielladusult asks and she shall receive:
(this snippet is cut from a longer one-shot of mine. It is Albus Dumbledore's views on love as told to Harry)

HarryCollapse )

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My First Fluff for the Quill (James/Lily) [
9.10.06 - 11.51pm

Pepper-UpCollapse )
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More Quidditch Jersey fun [
8.26.06 - 11.58am

Cross posted from my own journal.

Inspired by prplhez8 aka prplhez8's comment on the fluff thread: "Wouldn't it be interesting to see the reaction to Quidditch Player A (Oliver, Fred, George, Ron, Malfoy...whomever) seeing their lady loves wearing their jerseys?" Of course, I didn't actually get Padma into George's jersey for the scene -- but George has a good imagination.

Scenario: Newly together George and Padma prepare for him to meet her parents.

Picking ClothesCollapse )
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